1. Trolling and flaming in the chat will not be tolerated. It will result in a 1 week ban. If this is consistent, the duration of the ban will be increased depending on severity.

2. Spamming and flooding of the chat would be considered annoying and will result in a warning for the first offence. If continued, you will be kicked for the second offence. For any third or subsequent offense, a person will be banned from the chat for 30 minutes or more.

3. Use of derogatory or explicit racial or sexual terms to insult others will result in an instant ban of 2 days or more.

4. Insulting others in the chat is not allowed or else it will result in a warning. If this continues, you will be banned for 30 minutes or more.

5. Random discussion is allowed but it should be kept within reasonable limits.

6. No screamers of any kind! We don't want anybody to get a heart attack! 

7. Threats will be not tolerated and will be given the maximum penalty and will result in banning the user for up to a week. For a second offence, it will result in a two week ban. A third offence will result in a month. For any subsequent offences, the duration will increase by 1 month for every offence committed.

8. Cussing is permitted but please remember to keep it at a minimum. If overdone, it will result in a warning or a kick. If continued, it will result in a ban of 5 minutes or more.

Failure to comply with or ignorance of the rules will result in a ban of 30 minutes. If you believe that you were wrongfully banned or understand the consequences of your action, you can leave an appeal on the admin or chat mod's talk page.  *Each chat mod or administrator will interpret the rules differently. So, admins and chat mods: please use these rules at your own discretion.

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