Hey, look! I'm not dead!

Yeah, I know that I've been very inactive. It's just hard to keep up. We've got a new world record for 3x3, two that were set on the same competition!

I'm pretty much done with this Wiki. I attempted to revive it a little over a year ago, but that's about it. It clearly didn't catch on.

If you want to still be in contact with me, my Xbox Live gamertag is shadowkiller168, if you're interested. My PSN (I never get on) is shadowkiller294, my Wii U username is Junedude, and my 3DS friend code is 0361-7326-0280. Feel free to add me!

Here's to hoping that 2016 will be an amazing year with new world records, puzzles, events, ideas, competitions, and, of course, more speedcubing!